September 2020 – Pokethulu

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The lackluster summer continues. I did a very little bit of miniature painting and saw some robot dogs. If you are into that sort of thing, check out this post.



I spotted some of those new robot dogs in the park that is my escape from my apartment the the other day. The owners were apparently just taking them for a random walk. They may have been associated with the nearby university.


Gotta Catch You All!!

Many, many years ago, a small, joke RPG came out called Pokethulu, which combined Pokemon with the Call of Cthulu. Steve Jackson Games did a very limited run of some miniatures for the game. If I was smart, I would have never opened the box as it would be worth a lot of money now. Unfortunately, I primed the minis many moons ago and I finally got around to painting a couple this month.

昔々「Pokethulu」と言う小さくて冗談みたいなRPGが生産されました。ポケモンと「Call of Cthulu」の組み合わせでした。「Steve Jackson Games」はミニチュアをあまり作りませんでした。今、価値が上がっているだろうから、もし頭がよかったら、箱を絶対に開けなかったでしょう。 残念なことに昔に プライマーを スプレーして今月二個を描きました。

The “Brad’s Getting Old” Corner: My eyes are no longer up to the task of painting this small. I need both my glasses and a magnifying light to do even an adequate job.