August 2020 – I Can’t Get No, Motivation

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Welcome to month one billion in the never-ending pandemic of the rest of my life. Check out this month’s post to learn about all the things I didn’t do and the one thing I did.

後を絶たないパンデミックの十億月にようこそ! 私がしなかった事とした事を知るために今月の更新を見てください。

My Get-Up-and-Go Must Have Caught Covid

I am well aware that I am luckier than most given that my career continues uninterrupted and that I live in a mask-loving country. However, I can not find the motivation to do much of anything these days. I study a bit of Japanese and keep all my language exchange appointments, but the rest of the time I just play video games and watch YouTube.


This explains why I’m so behind on BradBlog entries.


I’ve done so little of note that, on the very last day of August, I forced myself to put together a plastic model I’ve had lying around since my first stint in Japan. Apropo of nothing, here’s is a detailed play-by-play of an SD Gundam model.


The stickers were really difficult to align properly. Hopefully, I will paint the next one. (Of course I have another lying around.)