October 2020 – Brad Weier, Game Designer?

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This month, I have just one DoodleJam and a short story about my short time as an adventure writer for Dungeons and Dragons.

今月、DoodleJamの話とDungeons and Dragonsのアドベンチャーについて書いていた時について短い話があります。

Technically Correct

First, some history. Back in the early 2000’s I played Dungeons in Dragons in the RPGA, a national organization of gamers. The adventures for this group were mostly written by its members. They were distributed as PDFs, members in the local area would play them, and they would be forgotten by the next year. My friend, Josh, and I wrote three of these adventures which received mixed reviews. I quit the organization shortly thereafter and that was that.

最初、それについての歴史。2000年代にRPGAと言う国立の ゲーマーのサークルでDungeons and Dragonsで遊びました。このグループのアドベンチャーはそのメンバーによりほとんど書かれました。PDFで配られて地域(ちいき)のメンバーズで遊べて、翌年までにはそれは忘れられてしまいました。Joshと言う友達と、賛否両論がでたこれらの三つのアドベンチャーを書きました。その後すぐ私は辞めてしまいました。

Cut to 2020 and I am trying to solve a problem with Google and this website. Many of the Google results for my name are for board and card game reviews I wrote long ago. Hilariously, though, one result claims that I am a game designer. RPGGeek, one of the largest RPG sites on the Net, apparently lists everyone who wrote adventures for the RPGA as a game designer. I guess it’s sort of correct.


Doodle Jam Lives!

Mandy finished a DoodleJam I sent to her long ago, but that got lost in the shuffle. I need to get off my lazy but and send her more.