March 2018 – Eldrich Jazz

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Undeterred by the terrible Ohio weather in the beginning of Spring, I trekked northward to hang out with friends, eat too much, and see Chick Corea and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

春の始めの天気が悪いのに友達を訪ねてたくさん食べて、Chick CoreaとJazz at Lincoln Center Orchestraを楽しみに北の方へ車で行きました。

Jazzy Easter

At the end of the month I drove up to Michigan for a long weekend of games, food, and jazz. As always, my friends provide me with only the best food Michigan has to offer. Of particular interest was a diner that offered all the standard menus, such as eggs and bacon, sandwiches, etc. but also had a set of several Korean dishes. For brunch I had Bi Bin Ba, spicy vegetables and chicken with rice, which is a meal I have not had since living in Japan. I did my best to contribute by bringing giant cupcakes.

月の末の三連休にMichiganに運転しました. ゲームをしたり美味しい食べ物を食べたりジャズのコンサートを楽しんだりしました. 相変わらず友達はミシガン州ならではのおいしい料理をごちそうしてくれて、美味しいレストランも見つけました. 夕食はいつもの料理と特別な韓国の料理もしました. 日本から帰国して以来、久しぶりにビビンバを食べました. ごちそうになるかわりに私は大きいカップケーキを持ってきました.

As for boardgames, I focused on playing some oldies but goodies. Some of them I was testing to see if they were worth holding on to after all these years. We played Knizia’s Atlanteon and Scarab Lords which were both as good as I remember. We also ran through a round of Lost Worlds, which is still fun after all this time. We also played a few newer games included a couple from the new Pyramid Arcade and a winning session of Eldrich Horror.

ボードゲームは古いけれどよいゲームを楽しました. このような古いゲームをたもつことは価値のあることだかどうかわかりませんでした. KniziaのAtlanteonとScarab Lordsはまだよかったです. Pyramid ArcadeとEldrich Horrorのようなもっと新しいゲームもプレイしました.

Finally, we stepped on to the University of Michigan campus to hear Chick Corea and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. Corea is a living legend in jazz circles and everyone on the stage was supremely skilled. The theater itself was both beautiful and had tremendous acoustics, all of which made for a great show.

Michiganの大学のキャンパスにChick CoreaとJazz at Lincoln Center Orchestraのコンサートを聞きに行きました. Coreaは有名なジャズ音楽家でリンカンオーケストラのミュージシャンも全員上手だからコンサートはすごくおもしろかったです.