February 2018 – Blue Rose of Ohio

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This month I have some photos of a cabinet I painted for my Mom. I may not be skilled but I work really cheap!

今月ははに塗てあげたタンスの写真があります。 私は上手じゃないでも料金がありません。

One for the Antiques Roadshow

Early in February, my Mom bought an old cabinet and painted it entirely yellow. Then she asked me to paint some blue roses on it. She wanted the same kind of blue roses that decorated her bedspread.

二三週かん前ははは古いタンスを買って全部を黄色に塗りました. そのあと私にバラの絵を塗ってと頼みました. 部屋の毛布は青いバラがたくさんあるから同じような青いバラの絵が欲しかったようです.

Flowers are kind of tricky to paint. The main problem is how much detail to add. If you add too little, you end up with a boring painting that looks like a kindergartner created it. Add to much and any mistake you make will stick out like a sore thumb. When people look at a realistic painting, they can easily find screw-ups.

花はいつも描きにくいです. 詳細はどれくらい描いたほうがいいかという問題があります.
詳細がすこしすぎったら絵がおもしろくありません. 子供っぽい絵になると思います. でも詳細がたくさんすぎたらミスをすれば明らかです. リアリスティックの絵を見ると小さい間違いも見つけやすいです.

Making things more complicated, the paint I used was fairly thin, meaning I had to paint everything at least twice. That meant taking twice as long to complete.

問題がもう一つありました. 絵の具はちょっと薄いからバラを二回塗らなくちゃいけませんでした. だから時間が二倍掛かりました.

Mom was happy with the end result, although I was not. I should have used at least one more shade of blue and done some blending.

結局お母さんは喜びました. でも私は満足しません. 色はもう一つ使たほうがいいです. そしてブレンドもしたほうがいいです.