April 2018 – Back Up Your Phone, People!

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This month I bring you a public service announcement about you and your smart phone.


Factory Reset Hell

In the middle of this month, I accidentally (long story) changed and immediately forgot my smart phone’s password. After many failed attempts at guessing the password, my phone performed a factory reset and I lost nearly everything. Google remembered my list of applications and reinstalled those automatically. However, here is a short list of things that could not be restored:

  • My message history from chat programs like Line and HelloTalk
  • Music playlists
  • Alarm clock settings
  • Shopping list customization
  • Application icons on all pages
  • All system settings
  • Progress in most games
  • All photos

今月の中旬にスマホの暗号を変えて直後にすぐ忘れました. 何回も暗号を推測してからスマホは工場リセットになり、まったく使えなくなりました。グーグルは私の使用中のアプリを覚えていて、自動でほとんどを再インストールしました.。でも下のリストが再インスタールできなかったものです。:

  • LineとかHelloTalkのようなチャットアプリのメッセージの歴史
  • 音楽のプレイリスト
  • 目覚ましのアプリの設定
  • 買い物のリストのカスタム化
  • 全ページのアプリのアイコン
  • 全システムの設定
  • ほとんどのゲームの進行具合
  • 全写真

That last on is a doozy! Fortunately, I did have a backup system for my photos. Unfortunately, I had to restore them to the phone by hand which, when added to all the other stuff I had to re-implement, ended up costing me several weeks.

最後のはひどいです. 幸いに特別な写真のバックアップシステムがありました。残念なことにスマホへの再インスタール を手動でしなくちゃいけませんでした。 これと他の再インスタールには、ニ、三週間がかかりました。

After using the phone for three years, I had changed so many settings and set up so many applications that I could not remember them all. So, every few days, I would turn to my phone for some function only to realize it had been deleted by the reset and I would have to add it to the to-do list.


Once I have everything set back to the way I want it, I will definitely look into a backup system that affect the whole phone.