January 2018 – Yammering Away

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It is 2018 and I am ready to talk about stuff that mostly happened last year. Not a good start! Read on for more doodles and details about my Japanese practice.

2018年になったけど去年の物について話しています. 始めがよくないです. もっと絵と私の日本語の練習について読んでください.

The Doodling Continues

Here are the latest Doodle Jams between me and Merc007. The sillyness will continue into 2018 if I can get my butt in gear and send her some more.

これが最近の私とMerc007のDoodle Jamの絵があります. 私はもっと描いて送ったら2018年中この楽しみが続きます.

Princess On My Back

My addiction to the Legend of Zelda on my new Nintendo Switch continues unabated. The story will end, probably, before my next BradBlog entry. Unfortunately, I see Civilization 6 eyeing me from the corner of my PC, hoping for its chance to eat all my free time.

私のゼルダの熱中が続いています. ストーリーが次のBradBlogの更新の前に終わるでしょう. 残念ながらPCから私の暇を全部食べたいCivilization 6というゲームに私を凝視されていることがわかります.

Pounding the Brick Wall

The observant among my readers might have noticed that I still employ my meager Japanese skill on this web site. I also practice as much as I can in the language-learning/social-networking app called HelloTalk. And I still hit the flashcards irregularly. But I have not had a live speaking partner for a long time. That changed near the beginning of the year when a native-Japanese-speaking English speaker approached me on HelloTalk looking for a conversation partner over Skype. We have met a few times now and the time has been really useful. After all these years away from Japan, speaking is really difficult, but it is still the best way to commit grammar patterns to memory.

私はがこのサイトでまだ下手な日本語を使っています. HelloTalkというアップでできるだけ練習しています. 単語帳も時々勉強しています. ライブの会話の相手が久しぶりにいません. でも正月にSkypeの会話の相手を探している日本語のネイティブスピーカーの英語の先生はHelloTalkで自己紹介しました 今前二三回会って役に立ちました. 日本以外住んでいる年たち後日本語で話しにくいです. でもこの方法は文法を覚えるのが効きます.