July 2020 – The Obvious

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All I did this month was bitch about the pandemic, feel free to skip this one!


I Am Not Pro-Pandemic

Most of the time, I feel lucky. I have a good job at a company that lets us work from home and seems determined not to lay anyone off. I’m in a country with a, so far, relatively low infection rate. My apartment is larger than my previous places in Tokyo so being stuck inside is less painful than it would have been. And my friends, both here and back in America, have set aside time to play games with me online which has been a sanity-life saver.


Still, this pandemic sucks. It is bad enough that I can’t really go anywhere or do anything, but I am also having trouble forcing myself to be productive around the apartment. I push myself to study or write or read, but I fail most of the time. When I’m not working I surf the Internet way too much and play way too many video games.

それでも、このパンデミックはだめだよ! どこにも行けなくて何もできないけれど、アパートでも生産的にはなれません。勉強しようと、何か書こうと、何か読もうとしたけれど、ほとんど失敗してしまいます。仕事をしない時はインタネットサーフしてテレビゲームをたくさんしすぎてしまいます。

Some experts are predicting that it will be another year before the pandemic subsides. I hope by that time I”ve gained enough discipline to have something to show for the time. But as for this month, it was a total waste.