July 2018 – Are You Ready to Rock?

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This month I am writing about music and how I listen to it. Read further for a hot gadget tip.

今月音楽と音楽を聞く方法について書いています. 面白い便利小物の情報のために読んで下さい.

FiiO, Unpronounceable But Awesome

Throughout my entire life, I have been searching for a good pair of wireless headphones. When I was young, I tried ones that worked with radio waves and I have tried numerous Bluetooth earbuds over the last decade. For audio books, talk radio, and podcasts, I found many suitable solutions. But for music, I could never find a wireless solution that delivered acceptable quality. Maybe my standards are too high, but I am a music nerd and I need high fidelity!

生涯をかけて常にいいワイヤレスヘッドフォンを探しています. 若い頃ラジオのヘッドフォンを試して、ここ十年はブルートゥースのイヤホンを何回も試したことがあります. オーディオブックとラジオトークとポッドキャストに合ういいヘッドフォンをたくさん見付けました. でも音楽に合う質のいいワイヤレスヘッドフォンを見付けられませんでした. 私の基準が高すぎるでしょう. でも私は音楽のオタクだから高忠実度が必要ですよ!

This month, a coworker introduced me to the FiiO Bluetooth Headphone AMP. Any pair of headphones (with the smaller plug) or earbuds can plug into this little gadget and become wireless. I tried it with my phone and my standard set of earbuds and was astonished at the quality of the sound. A wired connection is still a little better, but this unit is an excellent solution. The price was shockingly low as well.

今月同僚はFiioと言うブルートゥースのアダプターを教えてくれました. どんなヘッドフォン[小さいプラグの]でも、イヤフォンでもこの便利小物のプラグを差し込んでワイアレスになれます. 携帯と普通のイアフォンでアダプターを試していいその音質の良さにびっくりしました. 普通の有線のほうがちょっとよりいいけどこのアダプターは素晴らしいです. 値段もびっくりするほど低かったです.

I Wonder Who Wrote the Book of Love

Before my Dad passed away, he created a somewhat extensive music collection on his iPod Shuffle. It was comprised mostly of 50’s rock and do-wop music and he listened to it often in his final days. This month I undertook the project of rebuilding his library in a form that my Mom and I could use more easily. I was pleased how the music brought back strong memories of my father. I can very clearly visualize him singing some of his favorites, like “Little G.T.O.” and “Mother-In-Law.”

父は亡くなる前,アイポッドシャフルで歌をたくさん集めました. ほとんど1950年代のロックとドゥーワップで,亡くなる前よく聞いていました. 今月そのコレクションをお母さんと私がよりかんたんに聞けるように再建するす作業を始めました. 嬉しいことにその音楽は父を強く思い出させています. お父さんが[Little G.T.O.]とか[Mother-In-Law]とかいう大好きな歌を歌っているのをはっきりと目に浮かべることができます.