August 2018 – Four Eyes

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I’m old and now I have glasses. Click through if you would like to hear the tale of my vision.

年を取っていて今眼鏡をかけています. 私の視力の話を読むためにクリックしてください.

A Conversation about Progressives That Isn’t Political

Back when I was about 45 and still living in Japan, I noticed that my once-better-than-perfect vision was starting to fail. All my life I have had 20/15 vision, which was actually slightly better than standard 20/20. But every single person in my family wears glasses, so I have always known that I was doomed to need them as well.

45歳で日本に住んでいた時、私のよい視力が悪くなり始めているのに気が付きました. 生涯をかけて常に目がよかったです. でも家族の皆が眼鏡をかけているから私も眼鏡が必要になるとわかりました.

The last time I renewed my driver’s license, I had to squint really hard to pass the vision test. When small print in dim light became impossible to read, I knew my time was up. Hey, 48 years was a good run!

最後の運転免許の更新の時、視力の試験の合格のために目をたくさん細めなくちゃいけませんでした. 薄暗い場所で細かい文字を読むのが無理になると、よい視力の時期が終わるのをしりました. 48年間はよかったのに!

This month I visited an optometrist for the first time. Everyone there assumed that I already wore glasses and were shocked when I asked really basic questions like “Do I need glasses?” Since the doctor worked for a glasses store, his answer was, obviously, “Yes.”

今月、始めて眼科に掛かりました。 眼科の皆は私がもう眼鏡をかけていると思っていて[私は眼鏡が必要ですか]とかの基本的な質問を聞くとびっくりしました. 医者は眼鏡の店で働いているからもちろん[はい!]と答えました.

I walked away with two pair of glasses, one for general use and one specifically for computer use. They both have “progressive” lenses, meaning the focal distance changes depending on where you look though the lenses. The computer glasses were immediately helpful for work and for reading. The general pair, however, are very difficult to use. My peripheral vision swims wildly and tilting my head to get the exact right angle is tricky and annoying. Although I continue to practice with them, I think they may be more trouble than they are worth.

眼鏡を二つ買いました. 一つ目は常用使いです. 二つ目はパソコン用の眼鏡です. 両方ともプログレッシブレンズというレンズで、 レンズの部分によって焦点距離がちがいます. 仕事と読書のためにパソコン用の眼鏡は役に立ちます. 常用眼鏡は難しいです. 周辺視覚は悪くて、正しい角度になるように頭を傾けにくいです. 練習を続けても使いごこちがよくならないかもしれません.