June 2018 – Japantube

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I have struggled for the last few weeks to remember even the smallest bit of interesting information about June of 2018 and have utterly failed. So, I figured I might as well just write about YouTube channels about Japan that I like.

二、三週間前、2018年の6月にした面白い事を思い出すために奮闘をしていましたが、しっぱいしてしまいました. だから日本について好きなユーチューブチャネルについて書きます.

General Interest

Internationally Me

Angela’s videos focus on tourist locations that are off the beaten tracks. If I still lived in Japan, this channel would be a checklist of things to see.

アンジェラのビデオはまだあまり有名でないツーリストの場所についてのビデオです. もしまだ日本に住んでいたら、このチャネルは行きたい場所のチェックリストです.

Only in Japan

John’s videos take in-depth looks at different parts of traditional Japanese culture. The production values are very high and he often gets permission to shoot in places where photography is restricted.
ジョーンのビデオは日本の伝統文化についてのビデオです. ビデオが上手に作られていて、写真禁止の所でも許可をもらいビデオを撮っています.

Abroad in Japan

Chris’ (I think) videos focus on modern life in Japan, usually with a humorous bent. He has a cast of friends that make his informative videos even more fun.

クリスのビデオは現在の生活についての面白いビデオです. 彼の友達の登場がビデオをさらに楽しくしています.

Japanese Language

Japanese from Zero

When I first began studying Japanese, I started at George’s website and at my local community college. I still follow George’s videos religiously so many years later. His “Japanese Topics Mania” shows are really useful and fun, although they sometimes cover adult topics that might offend very sensitive viewers.

私は日本語を勉強を始める時、ジョージのホームページと近くの小さい大学を使いました.それから今までジョージのビデオをいつも見ています. “ジャパニーズ トピックス マニア”という番組は役に立って面白いです. でも時々、話題はちょっとアダルト向け(ヘンタイ)だから気を付けてください.

Japanese Ammo with Misa

I only just recently started following Misa’s videos, which are so thorough they are like sitting through an actual Japanese class. Her videos focus mostly on beginner topics, but she throws in some intermediate level sentences here and there. I think this channel is great for anyone starting out and a useful review for those who already know the basics.

最近、みさの本当の日本語授業のような徹底的なビデオを見始めています. ほとんど初心者の話題についてのビデオでも中級の話題について時々教えています。 初心者のためにすばらしくて中級者もいい復習になると思います.