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September this year was pretty unpleasant. I spent a lot of time fighting with my landlord over a broken refrigerator.

今年の九月はちょっと大変でした. 壊れる冷蔵庫中心んに大屋をたくさんけんかしました.


Beginning in late August, my refrigerator began malfunctioning. It would go from somewhat cold to very warm in an
unpredictable rhythm.

8月に冷蔵庫は誤動作を始めていました. 予測不能なパターンにちょっと冷たいから暖かくなっていました.

I complained to my landlord for the entire month of September, but they refused to believe me or do anything about the problem until the beginning of October. I tried shooting a video of the melted ice and frozen food, but they refused to look at it. I tried showing them the problem in person, but because the refrigerator became cold again, they concluded there was no problem. I used data loggers to record the temperature inside the refrigerator every 15 minutes and showed them the resulting graph. They never replied to me about the data.

九月中大家に文句をするのに私を信じなかったから十月前何もしませんでした. 溶けた氷とフローズンフードのビデオを撮ったけど大家は見るのを断りました. 直に暖かい冷蔵庫を見たけどすぐ冷たくなるから大家は問題ないと言いました. 毎十五分に冷蔵庫の中の気温を記録をしているdata loggerを使って作れたグラフを教えました. グラフについて大家はぜんぜん返事をしませんでした.

Finally, I called them and yelled very angrily. Maybe that finally caused them to believe me, because they exchanged my broken refrigerator for one from a vacant apartment. I have no idea why it took a whole month for them to employ this simple solution. In the meantime, I lost $100s in spoiled food.

ついに電話で怒声と叫びました. 私の冷蔵庫と空アパートのを換えたからたぶん大家は信じるかもしれませんでした. どうしてこのような簡単な解決は一ヶ月が掛かるかわかりません. そのあいだ食べ物が腐ったから問題が高かったです.

Since my landlord ignored my data charts, I will share them with you for the fun of it.


At the right of the graph, you can easily see the new refrigerator being much more steady than the old one.


While this was happening, my air conditioning unit also failed completely. They took a day longer than necessary to replace it, but that seems like a small problem in comparison.

その時エアコンは全く壊れました. 大家は遅く代わったけどこの問題より大変でした.

I have been living in apartments all my adult life and have never had this much trouble with a landlord.