October 2017 – New BradWeier.com!

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This is my blog entry for October and i am supposed to write about October things. However, I am going to cheat a little. I am going to steal some of November’s news and talk about the page you are looking at right now.

これは十月のブログの更新で十月の事について書くはずです. でもちょっと騙しています. 十一月のニュースを少し盗んで今読んでいるページについて書いています.

A New Page for a New Era

For at least the last five years, I have wanted to redesign my website. My old website was OK, but it looked very 90’s and was so big that I never felt like updating or adding to it. In addition, it looked terrible on smart phones. I procrastinated, however, because I felt the job would be too big. Designing pages to look good on HD TVs and on a smart phone (called “responsive design”) is a serious challenge.

最後の五年にこのサイトを更新したかったです. 古いサイトは大丈夫だけど1990年っぽくてスマホでぶさいくでした. でもジョブが大きすぎると思ったから先伸ばしました. 4kテレビからスマホまでようしのサイトのデザインが難しいです.

Luckily, for some unknown reason, I got the initiative to begin working on a new site late in October. I finished and went live in the middle of November, which means the page you are reading right now is part of the new site design. Head up to the Home page, click around a bit, and tell me if you find any bugs. To my Japanese friends, it is your responsibility to check my translations and tell me if my Japanese is foolish.

理由がわからないけど十月に頑張りました. 十一月のなかばに終わったから今見ているページが新しいです. Homeをクリックして他のページを見て待ち合い見つければ教えてください. 日本人の友達は悪い日本語も読めば教えてください.