August 2017 – DrawMe

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Nothing special happened in August, so I am blogging about a couple of drawings I did while avoiding the heat.


<h2>Amateur Hour</h2>

Recently, I have been enjoying a forum on Reddit called “DrawMe.”  For those unfamiliar, Reddit is a giant message board that has become very popular over the last five or so years.  It has message boards on many different topics, called “Subreddits,” one of which is called “DrawMe.”  On DrawMe, people post photos of themselves and artists, usually amateur, draw their portraits.  I have really enjoyed both the creativity the artists display and the fearlessness with which they post their not-quite-masterpieces.

最近[DrawMe]というRedditのフォーラムを楽しく読んでいました。このことをよく知らない人のためにRedditは大きい掲示板です。最近人気になりました。[Subreddits]という色々な話題のメッセージボードがたくさんあります。一つのSubredditは[DrawMe]と言います。 DrawMeは人が自分の写真を更新してイラストレーターが写真を描いて更新をしています。アマイラストレーターの想像力と勇気を楽しんでいます。

Looking for an excuse to draw more on my Surface Pro, I contributed the following two sketches.

Surface Proで描きためにその絵をしました。

I still feel like my drawings look like they were produced by a beginning high school student.  The fact that I know nothing about adding color in drawing software does not help either.  I guess I was never willing to do the massive number of hours of practice required to be a skilled illustrator.  I but I enjoy drawing and no one forced you to look!

私の絵が高校生のに似ているまだと思います。パソコンで色を加える方法がぜんぜんわからないことが悪いです。上手なイラストレーターに成るために練習がしたくなかったです. でも描くのが楽しくて皆さんが見なくてもいいです.