July 2017 – Doodle Jam

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I am stunned, as I am sure you are, that I actually have something to talk about this month. In July I checked out three local board and card game stores. I also participated in a Doodle Jam with a friend from Japan.

今月面白い事について話せることがあるから驚きます! 七月に近いボードゲームとカードゲームの店を三つ チェックしました. そして日本に住んでいる友達とDoodle Jamに参加しました.

Game Store Gauntlet

When I lived in Chicago, I frequented a games store called GamesPlus that was just about the best game store a geek could hope for. It not only carried every game imaginable, but it also had ample space for playing games. I met many friends in that store and it was a very important part of my life for 14 years.

シカゴに住んでいる時GamesPlusと言うすばらしいゲーム店にたくさん入りました. 皆ゲームを売って店の中に遊びやすかったです. このところに友達がたくさん会って十四年に大切でした.

After an Internet search I found three game stores located near my apartment. Recess, the closest, was airy, bright, and huge. The staff was friendly and they had lots of room for playing games. Their stock was mostly new releases, however, and they did not seem to deal in old games.

インターネットで検索お後近いゲーム店を三つ見つけました. Recessと言う一番近い店は明るくて大きかったです. スタフはフレンドリーでゲームをする場所が大きいかったです. 売っているゲームはほとんど新しい古いゲームがあまりありませんでした.

Immortals Inc. was in the basement of what looked like a medical building. It was a 4strange place for a retail store and I did not even see it until I was right on top of it. It was a fairly small store with lots of stuff crammed in everywhere. The staff was friendly but the layout was a little confusing.

Immortals Inc.と言う店は診療所に似っている建物の地下にありました. 店にはおかしい所でした. 近くに寄せるまでに見られませんでした. 小さくても買い物がたくさんありました. スタフはフレンドリーだけど設計は混乱していました.

The Warzone was real gaming experience. This converted house has been in business for a very long time and the layers of dust prove it. Dark, dank, and confusing, the rooms and hallways were lined floor to ceiling with games, forming a kind of cardboard labyrinth. If you need a specific game, they probably have it. But good luck finding it!

The Warzoneと言う店はすごいです. この建物は店の前に家だったと思います. 誇がたくさんでした。 暗くて部屋と廊下は床から天井までゲームを重なっていました。 ダンボるの迷宮でした。 欲しいゲームがあるけど見つけてがんばっています。

Doodle Jam!

My friend Merc007 and I held a small doodle jam this month. A doodle jam is a collaboration where each illustrator draws half a picture, then sends it to the other person to finish. Mandy is the more skillful of the two of us and she really impressed me by adding color to the drawings using her computer. I had never tried this before, but Mandy’s results pushed me to strain my meager skills.

今月Mandyという友達と小さいdoodle jamをしました。 Doodle jamは二人のイラストレーターが絵を半分を描いて交換をして互いに絵を終わるコラボです。 Merc007のほうが上手でパソコンで絵を彩りました。 私はしたことがないけどMandyの成果に私をがんばらせられました。