May 2017 – A Little Friendly Competition

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Here’s another short entry for another dull month. I talk about my Mom’s birthday and a computer game.

五月はつまらなかっただからこの更新が短いです。 お母さんの誕生日とマザーズデーとテレビゲームについて書いています.

Happy Birthday Mom!

This month I celebrated Mother’s Day and my Mom’s birthday on three different nights. I got to see my CyberAunt, so named due to her early adoption of all things Internet, after a very long absence. I also met with a childhood friend whom I had not seen in many years. It was nice to catch up after being away for such a long time.

今月三晩にお母さんの誕生日とマザーズデーを祝いました. [CyberAunt]というおばさん久しぶりに会いました. このあだ名は早く新しいテクノロジーを使うからです. そして子ども頃の友達と久しぶりに会いました. 長い間の後嬉しにたくさん話しました.

Borderlands 2: Brings Out the Worst in You

During the last few months, my friend and I have been playing Borderlands 2 together on-line. He and I play heroes trying to save the world of Pandora from the evil Handsome Jack. Even though we have to cooperate to complete the story, we have still found ways to indirectly foil one another. First, racing to get all of the good guns dropped by the bad guys when we kill them. Next, discovering hidden treasure, then mocking the other for not being able to find the correct area. Finally, endlessly criticizing each other’s driving abilities whenever we use a car. Early in the game, I found out that, when my friend played a slot machine and won, I could steal his winnings before he got them. But we both decided that was a little too nasty and have Geneva Conventioned that tactic. (Brand new verb, TM Brad Weier.)

最後の二三ヶ月友達と[Borderlands 2]というオンラインゲームをしています. 私たちは[Handsome Jack]という敵から[Pandora]という惑星を助けています. 物語を完了ために助け会うのに互いに敵対の方法を発見しました. ひとつ目一番いいガンを拾うために競走を駆けることです. 次かくえる宝を見つけて見つけられない人をからかうことです. ついに車を運転するとドライバーの上手さを責めることです. 早いに友達がスロットをする時私は賞品を盗めます. でも私たちはこのテクニックが悪すぎるのが同意したから禁制しています.

The game has a built-in way to directly fight one another, but with resurrection being so expensive, we have been loathe to try it.


My character is a Mecromancer who can summon a robot out of thin air.

私のチャラは[Mecromancer]というです. ロボットを作れます.

My friend is a Gunzerker who can fire multiple weapons at one time.

友達のチャラは[Gunzerker]というです. いっせいにガンをたくさん射撃できます.