June 2019 – To Be or What Now?

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The steamy humidity of June in Japan’s rainy season sapped my will to get up from my computer, yet I still managed to drag myself to see some art and rock and to do some gaming. 


Dramatic Affliction

Hararabi Habiko, an illustrator I have known for almost as long as I have lived in Japan had a part in, and did the set design for, a play at a small theater in Tokyo.  I knew that I would not understand much of the play due to my limited language ability, but I attended hoping that avant-garde antics and set pieces would be enjoyable enough on their own.  There were about four very visually interesting scenes, but much of the drama was two or three people speaking in long monologues and I was totally lost. 

日本に住んでいたからこそ知ったハララビハビコというイラストレーターは、東京の小さい劇場で演技をして舞台製作もしました。日本語が上手じゃないから、劇があまり理解できないかもとわかっていてもアバンギャルドのシーンと舞台美術で楽しめると思いました。ビジュアルシーンが約4つ あったけれど、ほとんど三人が長い独り言でセリフを言っていて私にはぜんぜんわかりませんでした。

Surreal Girls

Erica Ward, an illustrator I met at the last Tokyo Design Festa, had a small show in Koenji, the town where I began my teaching career ten years ago. The theme was slightly surreal portraits of girls which were both skilled and entertaining.  

前の東京デザインフェスタではじめて会ったErica Wardというイラストレーターが、私が10年前に英語講師を始めた場所、高円寺で展覧会を開きました。 テーマはアバンギャルドの女の子の絵で上手で面白かったです。

Let There Be Flute Rock

At the end of the month, I found myself back at the Silver Elephant in Kichijouji for a concert by my former student, Kazumi Suzuki.  These days, she performs in about 100 different bands and this was the first time I heard this particular outift. It was a very entertaining set, but, unfortunately, I did not win the lottery for one of their t-shirts or mugs.


Gaming Way Back Machine

Jim, Matt and I continued our virtual D&D sessions this month.  In Okusawa, I tried the newish Detective City of Angels crime simulator. It worked, but it was long and felt pretty random. In Sugamo, I brought some of my favorite games from many years ago and played Ra, Through the Desert, and Mamma Mia.  I had a good time, but my voice gave out quickly after so much teaching.

今月JimとMattとバーチャルのD&Dゲーム続きをしました。 奥沢で新しい犯罪のシミュレーターDetective City of Angelsを試しました。(ゲームは) 大丈夫だったけど長すぎてランダムだと思いました。 巣鴨で私は一番好きな古いゲームを持っていきました。RaとThrough the DesertとMamma Miaをしました。 楽しかったけどたくさん教えたので声がかれました。