May 2020 – Intercontinental Constitutional

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The pandemic continues. I spend most of my time working. Thankfully my company has not laid anyone off yet. In my free time I play an awful lot of video games and on-line board games. None of that is really blog-worthy. The best I can do is a few photos from my daily walks around Nakano.

パンデミックは続いています。 ほとんど仕事をしています。幸いなことに会社は誰もまだ解雇しませんでした。ひまでテレビゲームをたくさんしてオンラインボードゲームをしています。 でもこれはブログのいい話題じゃありません。 毎日の散歩で撮った写真は一番面白い事できました。

More Photos from Nakano

This old house has been completely covered in vines.


This apartment building with a French theme really stands out from the rest of the buildings in the neighborhood.


I think this dilapidated shrine is spooky.