March 2020 – Talk About a Buzz-Kill

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I don’t know what they will call it in the future, but the Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic sucked. Because you know that as well as I, all I have for you this month is a few photos from around Nakano before the quarantine set in.

将来、何と言う知らないけれどコロナパンデミックはひどい。 私と同様(どうよう)に感じていると思いますが、隔離前の中野の写真を数枚のせます。

Photos from South Nakano

It seems that every neighborhood in Tokyo has cool little alleys that you can stumble upon just by walking around. Here are some scenes from just such an ally near the south entrance of Nakano Station.

東京には、近所を散歩中に出会える面白い裏通りが色んな所にあるそうです。 これは中野駅の南口のそばのそのようなシーンです。

It Wouldn’t Be Spring

And here’s a few obligatory cherry blossom shots.