October 2018 – JimMattBrad Con III

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A Really Pame Lun

My friends, Jim and Matt, and I returned to Fort Wayne, Indiana for JimMattBradCon III, a weekend of Dungeons and Dragons and inappropriate humor. We chose Fort Wayne because it is centrally located between the far flung homes of our group. AirB&B supplied us with a nice house and we had an excellent time killing monsters and stealing their gold.

Jimという友達とMattという友達とJimMattBrad Con IIIのためにFort Wayne, Indianaに戻りました. JimMattBrad ConがDungeons and Dragonsというゲームで遊んでブラックジョークを言う週末です. AirB&Bから家を借りてお化けを殺してお化けの金を盗むのがとても楽しかったです.

Very long time BradBlog readers might remember that the first JimMattBradCon was also held in Fort Wayne, in 2006. The big difference this time, however, was that we had smartphones and Google Maps. That means that we could search not only for decent pizza, but also for two quality restaurants for dinner and lunch.

昔からBradBlogを読んでいる人はFort Wayneで初めのJimMattBrad Conが2006年に起こった事を覚えているかもしれません. でも今回はスマートフォンとGoogle Mapsがありました. だから美味しいピザを見つけられただけでなく、いいレストランで晩御飯と朝御飯が食べられました.

Our first meal was at the oh-so-cleverly named “Shigs in Pit.” (My Japanese readers will have to ask me to explain that name.) We had a really decent BBQ meal there.

バカな名前の[Shigs in Pit]というレストランではじめて食べました. (日本語を話す私のブログの読者はこのレストランの名前の説明について聞かなくちゃいけません.) お美味しいバーベキューを食べました.

The second restaurant was a brew pub named Junk Ditch Brewing that served fairly fancy brunches.
二つ目のレストランは[Junk Ditch Brewing]というビールパブで、いい朝御飯がありました.