Point and Click Plus

In the end of 2012 I decided to buy a fairly expensive camera (Canon Rebel 3Ti/Kiss 5) with a lens kit. In Japan, I often found myself trying to take photos in low-light conditions, and this camera came highly recommended. Due to the price, I decided to make an honest attempt at learning the art of photography. I never reached a level higher than "rank amateur" but every once in a while I got lucky and took a good shot. This page features the very best of my shots.

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2012年にちょっと高いカメラ(Canon Rebel 3Ti/Kiss 5)を買うことにしました. 日本に明るくないところでよく写真を撮りました. この事情がこのカメラをおすすめされました. 高いから撮影をがんばりました. いつもアマチュアだけど時々いい写真を撮りました. このページは一番好きな写真です.