I am no game designer, however I have designed a couple of games. They both require Looney Pyramids from Looney Labs. If you've never heard of these, they are sets of plastic pyramids and there are approximately one billion games you can play with them.

Martian Mids is my attempt at incorporating deck-building (or army construction) into an Looney Pyramids game. While it is not particularly revolutionary, my friends think it is pretty fun and the chaos in the early part of the game can be pretty funny.

Shove also requires Looney Pyramids. Since Martian Mids is fairly complicated, I took two of my favorite ideas from it and created a second game. Shove is quicker and easier, but it doesn't have the demented chaos of it's father.

ゲームのデザイナじゃないけど二つ作りました. 両方はLooney LabsのLooney Pyramidsが掛かります. これはプラスチックのピラミッドで十億ぐらいゲームがあります.

Martian Midsは私の軍を作るのとLooney Pyramidsのコンボの試しです. 面白くないけど友達はまあまあ楽しいだと言ってゲームの始めの分の混乱はちょっと面白いです.

ShoveもLooney Pyramidsが掛かります. Martian Midsは難しいから二つの好きなイデイアをMartian MidsからShoveに入りました. Shoveのほうが速くて簡単だけどMartian Midsの面白い混乱がありません.