Fine Art For Your Dankest Room

In 2005, my friend asked for some abstract art for her basement walls. I came up with the idea of a set of paintings that, when hung properly, would seem to form a single larger painting. This allowed me to play with the orientation of numerous canvases as well as wrap the entire work around a corner. These are all acrylic on canvas and I used both paintbrushes and drinking straws to get the effects.

Below are the photos of my installation (my isn't that a fancy art term!) which I titled "Order Descends Into Chaos Descends Into Order." There is no end to my pretention.

2005年に友達あは地下の壁のためにアートをお願いしました. 私のアイデアはたくさんの小さい絵からひとつの絵が成ることでした. キャンバスの方向を変更できました. そして角に曲げられました. この絵はアクリルとキャンバスで絵ぶたとストローを使いました.


For the Discriminating One Year Old

Undeterred by my previous work, my friend asked for another piece for her son's room.

I thought back on my own warped childhood and thought, "What was cool to me when I was kid?" Dragons and rock music, of course. So what could be cooler than a "Dragon Playing a Guitar?"