March 2021 – Gundam Sakura

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This month you will learn more about Japanese model building than you ever wanted to know. Or you can just look at the pretty cherry blossom photos.


Technical Techniques

Over quarantine, I’ve been watching many videos about building Gundam models. Enthusiasts have invented a number of techniques for adding detail to these models and I thought I would try a few on a small model.


Most serious hobbyists paint using an airbrush. The equipment is prohibitively expensive and requires a small ventilation system. I was not about to invest that kind of money. At a hobby store in Akihabara, I found a cheap airbrush that used canned air and specially designed markers in place of paint. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and the system worked poorly. I was only able to do a little painting due to a poorly sealed connection to the can and the uneven distribution of the paint from the markers. I will leave the airbrushes to the experts.


Next, I tried out a panel liner. This is a special pen designed to highlight the thin lines around the panels on the model. This worked fairly well, but the tip of the pen was too big for some detailed spots.


Finally, I tried using the markers normally on flat areas of the model. While this worked, I couldn’t help but feel that simply painting the model would have been easier.


March 2021 365 Project