January 2021 – First of 365

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In spite of the pandemic, and in an effort to make this blog into something more than a monthly complaint session, I decided to try a 365 project. A 365 project is an attempt to do something creative every day for one year. This year, I will try to post one photo for each day in this blog.


I tried this back in 2007 and failed spectacularly. I enjoyed the results, but the “everyday-ness” of it turned out to be too difficult. This will still be true now, at least as long as the quarantine lasts. So, I am going to allow myself to cheat and double up on some days. Sometimes, you have to cheat to get things done.

2007年にこれを試して失敗してしまいました。結果を楽しんだけれど、毎日するには難しすぎました。 今でも、少なくとも外出禁止期間が終わるまでは本当です。だから時々、一日に二、三枚を撮って投稿するズルはOKにします。たまには(時々)ことを進めるためにズルをしなくてはなりません。

January 2021 365 Project