March 2017 – Adrian Belew Power Trio

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This month I can share some photos from a rock concert and from my dentist office. No, the rock concert did not take place in the dentist’s office. Stop being silly.

今月ロックコンサートの写真と歯科医院の写真をシェアしています. いいえ,コンサートは歯科医院で怒りませんでした. ばかにしないでください.

Adrian Belew Power Trio

This month, Jim and I checked out the Adrian Belew Power Trio at Cleveland’s Beachland Tavern. Don’t know who Adrian Belew is? He is most famous as a guitarist for David Bowie, King Crimson, and Frank Zappa. But he also has a long career as a solo musician with many solo albums. He plays rock music, but his rhythms and lyrics are more complex than typical pop music, which is probably why he is not world famous. Of course, he is a phenomenal guitarist, but he is also a great singer as well.

先週ClevelandにBeachland Tavernと言うクラブでAdrien Belew’s Power Trioのステージを見ました. Adrien Belewを知りますか? David BowieとKing CrimsonとFrank Zappaと引いたギタリストです. そしてソロアルバムが二十ぐらい作りました. ロックミュージックを引いているけど歌のほうがポップより煩雑なリズムと変な歌詞があるから世界中有名じゃないと思います. もちろんBelewはギターを引くのと歌うのが上手でした.

He was far more charismatic than I expected on stage. His drummer and bassist were really skilled as well. I was thrilled that the trio played a few of my favorite King Crimson tunes. I would love to see them again, but their future performances are all a pretty long drive away.

期待よりカリスマがすごかったです. ドラマーとベーシストも上手でした. 嬉しくに一番好きなKing Crimsonの歌中二三つをしました. もう一回行きたいです. でも, 次なステージは遠いです.

Oberlin Reunion

With Jim in town, I took the opportunity to harangue Jen to come up for a small Oberlin College reunion. We had an excellent dinner at the local tapas restaurant complete with a lot of laughs. Thanks again for making the trip, Jim and Jen.

ジムが訪ねているから小さい大学のレユニオンのためにジェンさんを招待しました。 タパスのレストランで美味しい晩ご飯を食べてたくさん笑いました。  ジムとジェンさんはありがとう!

In the Chair

In the middle of the month, while flossing, I pulled an old filling out of my tooth. It did not hurt, but it meant an always unpleasant trip to the dentist. When I was a kid, a new filling meant two or three office visits. Due to advances in dental technology, dentists can now get them done in one visit. The dentist I chose for this visit had a machine that would create the filling in the office.

月の中デンタルフロスをしていたら、歯の詰め物が取れました。 痛くなかったけど歯医者にいかなくちゃいけなかったからめんどうくさかったです. 子供の頃、新しく歯の詰め物をすると歯医者に二、三回通わなくちゃいけませんでした。 最近、歯科の技術はアップしたから一回で全て終わります。 歯科医院には、歯の詰め物ができる新しい機械があります。

First, the dentist used a powerful camera to take a detailed, 3-D photo of the hole in my head. Next, his machine used two drills to carve the filling out of a square blank. After the machine finished, I was able to hold the new filling in my hand.

まず特殊なカメラで虫歯の写真を撮ります. 次にドリルが二つある機械が歯の詰め物を作り出します。 自分の手で新しい詰め物を持って見られます。

Finally, the dentist shoved the new filling in my once-gaping tooth.


Even with all this new technology, I did not enjoy the visit, when went from a predicted 90 minutes to a full three hours. The new filling was not quite right and had to be remade 3 times. Of course, each retry meant more Novocaine shots and many minutes with my mouth jacked open.

素晴らしい技術があっても歯医者に行くのは楽しくありません。 この歯科処置は一時間半で済むはずだったけど、三時間かかりました。 新しい詰め物の大きさが、ちょっと合わなかったからです。もちろん, 口を何分も開かなくちゃいけなくてノボカインがたくさんかかりました.

Don’t Give Up!

In my continuing attempt to find a decent sushi restaurant in the Cleveland area, my mom and I trekked to the eastern suburbs to try a new place. The decor was nice but the sushi was expensive and mediocre. My mom’s sesame chicken was hilariously large, though. I think she got three meals out of it. Given the distance from my mom’s house and the price, I will not go again.

クリーブランドの美味しい寿司屋が見つけたいからお母さんと東の東郊に新しいレストランで食べ車を運転しました. 空気がいいけど食べ物は高くてまあまあです. お母さんの鳥はとてもおおきかったです. 残り物の食事を二回したと思います. 遠くて高いからまた行かないと思います.